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Curated by Grace Johnston

Exhibitions Satellites

25 February – 26 March 2017  


Ours took the study of a historical drawing by Beatrice Whistler as its foundation. The work, though absent from the exhibition space, emerged discretely through multiple female voices, as a hybrid and flickering form that is open to interpretation.

Beatrice's sketch outlines a birdcage from three perspectives, on both sides of a small sheet of paper. Almost certainly made for the purposes of instruction, the image is fragmented over two surfaces. Beginning with this unstable and dual nature, Grace’s research explored the drawing as a transitory site and questions to what extent close observation can be undertaken at a distance.

Ours brought together a painting by Carol Rhodes, prints made from archival photographs of Beatrice’s garden and a newly commissioned text by Sophie Collins.

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Part of Satellites Programme

Satellites Programme is Collective’s development programme for emergent artists and producers based in Scotland.