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Alex Impey


Exhibitions Satellites

8 April – 14 May 2017  


←Term.←Lam.← was a new exhibition that metabolised Alex Impey's research into animal motifs, composite materials, divination, and art history. The title ←Term.←Lam.← can be read in multiple ways, 'term' being a synonym for 'word', a period of time or, with the addition of a full stop, a clipped prefix for the word 'terminal'. 'Lam.' is another clipped prefix for lamb, laminae and laming.

Alex's practice consists of sculptural installation and writing, which act as speculations on the production and organisation of value. For this exhibition, Alex made a new sculptural installation which took on a mirrored form, stretching across the gallery walls. The materials used, ranging from car air ducts to chitin – a natural material derived from crab shells - had particular resonances. They reflected the engineering practices of animals and processes in which humankind has tried to make sense of the world, adapting nature and animals to its own needs.

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Part of Satellites Programme

Satellites Programme is Collective’s development programme for emergent artists and producers based in Scotland.