Camille Henrot

10 May – 15 June 2014

Exhibitions City Dome

Camille Henrot is a French artist, currently based in New York. Her work generally encompasses sculpture, drawing and video. She is interested in examining the modern day and historic systems, through which we encounter visual information, and the symbols and motifs found in cultural production. In her artistic practice Camille explores global links between the construction of knowledge and its relationship to haptic experience.

Literally translating as 'extreme tiredness' or 'fatigued', Grosse Fatigue is an ambitious film that attempts to tell the story of the universe’s creation. Developed from Camille’s research residency at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., Grosse Fatigue is expanded from a computer desktop, and combines footage filmed in the Smithsonian collection along with found footage from the internet. Considering the connection between the artist’s studio to the museum, the evolution of culture and systems of knowledge, Grosse Fatigue draws on anthropology, ethnography and social archaeology.

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